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Sunday, April 17, 2016        Volume 1
Exposing the Crime of Elder Abuse
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Welcome to the Silver Standard News
Volume 1

Welcome to the Silver Standard News

As a central part of the Elder Abuse Reform Now (EARN) Project, it is our goal to bring you the latest news on developments in the fight to end financial elder abuse, as well as a wide range of other information to assist senior citizens and their loved ones. From detailing the progress of legislation aimed at ending the practice of financial elder abuse in each of the 50 states to telling the stories of those who have suffered from the effects of this practice, the Silver Standard News is dedicated to making sure that no senior citizen in this country is denied the right to control the assets and property that are rightfully theirs.

To achieve this goal, we will be working on several different fronts. First, we will be keeping an eye on state legislatures across the country, monitoring the progress of bills meant to bring those who commit financial elder abuse to justice. We have drafted a Bill modeled after the wonderful Alabama bill, SB 29, and we are submitting it to the Uniform Law Commission. We will try to get it, or something similar, passed in every state. The Silver Standard News will keep its readers informed about the progress of each bill as it moves through the steps toward becoming law. While the main page of the EARN Project website offers detailed information about the status of bills in each state, the Silver Standard News will supplement that information with updates and the stories behind the progress of each bill.

In addition, we will give our readers a look at the human faces behind every aspect of this struggle. We will tell the personal stories of the people who have lost their money, homes and dignity due to unscrupulous individuals who are often allowed to act under the cloak of legality. But we will also tell the stories of those who have fought back, who have refused to take the existing state of affairs lying down, and who are winning their battles. Our aim is to empower our readers, to make them aware that they do not have to simply accept the way things are. Though they may be past the age of lying down on courthouse steps or participating in noisy demonstrations, they control the largest block of votes and personal wealth in the country.

Empowering our audience will not be limited to the issue of financial elder abuse, even though that will always remain our central focus. We also want to provide information that can help improve the lives and well-being of the people who have given so much, and deserve to have their wishes respected in their golden years. Whether we are unraveling legal terminology for our readers or are giving them a way to connect with each other, our aim is to improve their lives and make them feel like they are part of a larger community that has their interest at heart.

The Silver Standard News is meant to reflect to needs of all the people who look at it. We would love to hear from anyone reading this letter. Tell us what you want, what your concerns are, and what you think the Silver Standard News needs to make it a vital source for all seniors. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sharon Kibbee de Lobo
Founder, the EARN Project

Steve Barnes
Editor, The Silver Standard News